19:27 Saturday Service to Helensburgh Central

A musical journey from Edinburgh to Partick via Bathgate, Coatbridge, Airdrie and many more. Scotland on a Saturday night as told from the inside of a slow train. Come aboard for all the thrills, chills and bellyaches.

Recorded at Matchbox Sound, Glasgow. Drumming by Joe Cardle. 2020.

Where Do We Go From Here?

See the protests in George Square, Glasgow last summer. When the BLM movement hinted at a progressive, accountable future for Scotland? Then the extreme right tried to fight them. And the police? Nada.

I thought this was a turning point for Scotland, both in terms of coming to terms with its history, looking to a brighter future, and all the while showing how inadequate the present is.

Blue Suits

Inspired by the brutality of the forces of order against the people they claim to protect. From the BLM protests in the USA and beyond, to the Israeli policy of apartheid in Palestine, all the way to the ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya in Myanmar, Blue Suits casts a shadow of shame over the oppressor.

Recorded in Barcelona. 2020.


Toxic Britishness. Hiding behind lies, mistruths and a big red, white and blue stain across the butcher’s apron. The volatile xenophobia and populism that has sadly defined the UK in recent years came back as isolation, loneliness and burnt bridges. This is the story of how I feel being British at this time.

Recorded in Barcelona. 2020.

Business As Usual

Remember back in March when our wonderful government thought that Coronavirus wouldn’t be an issue in the UK because British people are made of roast beef and the timber of ships lost at Trafalgar? Well, that decision didn’t go very well. This is the price we pay for following ‘Business As Usual’.

Recorded in Barcelona. 2020.


The ‘State of the Nation’ is about the UK. It’s about being Scottish and it’s about living in Europe during a time of uncertainty. It may not be feel-good, but it might make you think, something that’s been fairly absent in the UK of late, in the wake of the great Brexit divide.

Recorded in BONOBO Studio, Barcelona. 2019.


‘The Cheap Part of Town’ is Louis Rive’s first collection of songs. Barroom bards and street philosophers, from the down-and-out and back up again, this collection of songs focuses on the people and places that make up the rich patchwork of life that holds any city together.

Written in Barcelona during the winter of 2017/8, this series of stories will introduce you to the side of life that is often seen but seldom heard. 

Graphics and layout by Marco Soellner. Recorded at Bonobo Studio, Barcelona. 2018.