Blog the First

It begins…

Welcome to the blog. Thanks for tuning in. Look, I really tried to get the whole newsletter going, and we had a great run, we really did, but the reality is that due to current circumstances, there isn’t enough news to sustain a monthly newsletter. For those of you who enjoyed the halcyon days of March and April, where it appeared that news and views from Glasgow’s #1782 favourite folk-singer would furnish your inbox indefinitely, I am truly sorry. It isn’t to say that the newsletter is dead, but I think I am going to aim for a ‘every 3 months’ sort of turnaround.

Anyway, I listen to music and I play music, so the idea with this was to talk about new music that I like listening to, while at the same time explaining the glamorous life of what one could loosely term ‘a professional musician’. Get ready for a side of life that you couldn’t possibly imagine, one in which the price of guitar strings directly affects my ability to pay the gas bill. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll folk around etc.