A brief history of music and me

I play folk music, not the kind about orcs, glens, wizards etc, more about people and places. Like Tom Waits and Lou Reed if either of these guys wrote about Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire. Closer tae home I want to follow on from top boys like Michael Marra, Liz Lochead and Hamish Imlach.

Nina Simone said that it is an artist’s duty to highlight injustices and rail against wrongs, so that’s what I try to do. At the moment, the UK government provides me with ample inspiration to do so. Thanks Miss Simone.

I hated playing music until I taught myself guitar. Before this I played the cello and sang in various choirs, neither of which gave me much satisfaction. Any advice for aspiring cellists? Sure, it’s heavy and takes ages to get good. Leave it.

I have released a fair old plethora of music, which you can explore right here.

Thanks Albert Bach. No relation to Johann Sebastian.