Louis Rive‘s journey into the world of ‘reflective on British society folk music’ has not been exactly linear, taking in as it has five years (and counting) in Spain and Catalunya. However, from this sun-soaked, orange filled paradise, it is easier to look upon the situation in the old country with some degree of objectivity. From the Moorish taverns of Seville to the deepest dives of suburban Barcelona, Louis started to write about the folks that he has met over a varied lifetime.

When Louis Rive started really listening to the characters that reside in pubs, nightclubs, bookies and bus shelters, in which he spent the majority of his time, he decided to document their stories in song. Following on from traditional bards such as Michael Marra and Hamish Imlach, as well as drawing inspiration from storytellers like Tom Waits and Lou Reed, Louis captures the trials and tribulations of a group that often goes unnoticed.

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