Musician. Unemployed.

The above picture is what used to be called a ‘gig’ a loose association of people congregated, usually in an alcohol-serving establishment, to enjoy the concept of live music. Unless you live in New Zealand, that concept doesn’t really exist any longer, which is a great pity. I used to sing about lots of stuff, from bitter critiques of the social welfare system of the UK, to plaudit-laden tunes about this bloke who used to sing karaoke at the King’s Arms in Edinburgh. I guess it would be folk music, but more about modern issues that affect us all rather than maritime tragedies or goblins drinking mead or whatever (though I like these things too).

Anyway, text doesn’t fly these days, so if you made it this far down, then feel free to enjoy the site. It is the #1 news source for an unemployed folk-singer.

This is the digital home of Louis Rive, folk-singer. For discount catering services please contact me in private. 

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