new single out "The state of the nation"

SPOTIFYnew single out "The state of the nation"


“Scottish or British, English or Irish? Tick the box for your colour or creed”. It’s complex being from the UK but living in mainland Europe. Unelected fools make decisions which leave us practically powerless, afloat in a limbo of their making. But what can we do about it? We can write. Louis Rive’s new single, ‘The State of the Nation‘, released in October 2019 is about just that, modern British identity in a world growing more and more absurd. With B-Side In the Shadows of Big Ben being a take on the UK’s negligence of its more vulnerable citizens, the new single pulls no punches when confronted with the state of things as they are. Now available across all platforms.

The barman shouts last orders as the regulars solemnly down drinks and leave, their tales locked up for another night. The stories of the barroom, the drunks, lowlifes, people of the night, come together in this first collection of songs by Scottish singer-songwriter, Louis Rive. Written and recorded in Barcelona, 2018, The Cheap Part of Town is an anthology of the characters that you don’t see. Folk music has always focused on the outsiders, the outcasts, the margins of society, just as this work sheds a new light into real life at the bottom end of Barcelona.

Influenced by such diverse artists as The Pogues, Lou Reed, Woody Guthrie and Fabrizio De André, to name but a few, Louis has set out to continue the grand tradition of the storytelling musician.

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